We firmly believe that people are the heart of the brand. We encourage and inspire meaningful service interactions through our training, so that when guests leave they will take away something that lives in their hearts.


We run training workshops, deliver on the job training, provide operating manuals and ongoing product assessments for our clients, that energise and inspire world-class service delivery.

We define and affirm the distinctive and non-negotiable personality and philosophy and standards of the business and create easy to use practical tools and manuals for the teams to use after training so that they are clear on their role consistently and joyfully delivering guest delight.

What We Do

Training Workshops
Why people do what they do and how they do it is so much more important than what they do. To this end, we run fun energised workshops that define the personality and philosophy of the business. Every staff member is inspired and understands the business’s WHY, their own WHY and truly believe that "I am the brand.

On the Job Training
We run specific skills training sessions (including housekeeping, butler service, and chefs training). These cover practical, hands-on, day to day situations in the work environment to suit the needs of the business

Operating Manuals
Practical implementation of process and structure is required to ensure the smooth running of any business. From kitchen flows, through to housekeeping solutions, we provide detailed operating manuals and styling guides on all aspects of the day to day running of a lodge or small hotel. These easy-to-use tools make the dream a reality that sustains past the excitement of opening. These systems and standards become entrenched in the DNA of the operation.

Product Assessments
In order to maintain and improve the high standards and attention to detail created in the opening phase of the business, we assist with ongoing operational, styling, training and process direction. Our reports are succinctly edited to provide practical and cost-effective inputs that challenge and inspire owners, management and staff while identifying real opportunities for guest delight and service innovation. Detailed costings for any equipment or training required can be provided.