Other services


Our experience in designing complex and sophisticated hospitality offerings, has TAUGHT uS the importance of being Able to combine THE VARIOUS commercial aspects to create sustainable businesses that last.


The branding, marketing and financial modelling of the business, go hand in hand with the design and development of a luxury product.

Brand Advisory
Working closely with our clients, we develop the essence of their brand to create a personalised brand print outlining the values, beliefs and operating ethos of the company. We direct preferred Johannesburg based branding agencies to develop the Identity to ensure this adequately reflects the brand essence

Marketing and Distribution
We have access to some of the travel industry’s leading marketing minds and can advise on B2C and B2B launch strategies, global distribution and ongoing marketing initiatives which focus primarily on the consumer and travel media but not forgetting the travel trade. We are well connected to the world’s leading luxury travel operators - both retail and wholesale - and fully understand how this industry operates.

We have an in-depth understanding of the financial workings and challenges of a luxury lodge or small hotel and are able to assist in the modelling of the business, creation of cost centres, and planning and budgeting to provide a solid management platform against which to measure the performance of the business.