hospitality CONCEPTS


Defining the guest experience and positioning of the business is the starting point,  it is is absolutely key to the success of any new or existing operation. From there flows the creative process, market positioning and pricing and finally the operational plan.


We create the story, train and implement it, document the process and ensure you have the right equipment to deliver. This includes food and beverage concepts, guided activities, in-room experiences and all other guest activities. With years of experience in the field, we intuitively know what works operationally and innovate with practicality in mind.

Our involvement in operational implementation happens both pre and post opening of a luxury property. Our promise is to ensure that all the fundamentals are in place for successful operations with staff who live the dream. This results in a profitable and sustainable business.

What We Do

Create the Story
We craft the guest experience and create the story from arrival to departure so that everyone, from the marketing team through to the gardening team, knows what it is all about. We document this through a service mapping process, creating a story that details the guest journey.

Best operating practices are agreed upon upfront, formalised and documented by us using our service mapping process as a guide.. We provide detailed, documented key result areas per team member, operating manuals and styling guides on all aspects of the day-to-day running of the lodge.

Operating equipment can make or break the entire guest experience.  From bedroom accessories through to barware and tableware, it sets the stage. What a guest holds and touches and how the experience ‘feels’ is  critical. We search exhaustively for the most appropriate, emotive, durable, comment-worthy equipment. If we can’t find it, we commission it, We will ensure that you have the practical tools and equipment for every eventuality.