Our philosophy in both design and operations is very simple - it is all about the guests and what they will experience during their stay. We have a thorough understanding of what works and what doesn’t when creating and operating a product for the luxury traveller.


Fox Browne Creative provides all elements of the Interior Design service: we deliver the overall aesthetic direction for the interiors of the project including the specification, planning, and delivery of all furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E ) and the specification of all guest-facing operational supplies and equipment, (OS&E) to ensure the seamless integration between the design intent and the operational execution.

We believe that our concepts and projects have a distinctive style and personality all of their own and as such comfortably compete with the best of the rest. Every property that we have ever developed reflects an exclusive sense of place. We also firmly believe in the celebration of romance and the inclusion of many gentle touches of humour that will delight, inspire and capture the heart of the guest.

What We Do

Aesthetic Direction and Concept
We deliver the overall concept for the aesthetic direction for the interiors including the specification furniture, fittings and operating equipment to ensure the seamless integration between the design intent and the operational execution.

Budgets and Procurement
We prepare and deliver detailed, transparent budgets, cash flows and timelines so that our clients are totally informed about the cost of their interiors. We oversee the procurement process to ensure that the agreed designs are properly delivered.

We are hands-on in the installation process making sure that the final product is perfect for occupation by the guest or client from the delivery of the furnishings and fittings to chilled champagne in the cooler.


We have had the opportunity to work on some of the most extraordinary projects in the most unlikely conditions and locations. Our aim is to acknowledge the surrounding beauty through our interior design as well as integrate it seamlessly with the architectural design and the guest experience.