Food is such an important part of any holiday or gathering, it feeds guests souls and creates those unforgettable memories that remind them of their adventure. Our food philosophy is simple, it’s about finding the freshest local produce, and celebrating sustainable, regionally inspired, wholesome food.


We develop food and beverage concepts, design menus and recipes, source the best ingredients, focus on beautiful, appropriate food styling and practical kitchen management.

To complete the experience we design classic cocktail lists, wines lists, in-room bars content, speciality tea menus, craft coffees and of course, the perfect sundowner Most importantly we train chefs and butlers to deliver food cooked with love.

What We Do

Food and Beverage Concepts
Where you eat is often more important than what you eat. We design concepts that celebrate these unique environments: Stylish picnics, romantic lantern-lit dinners, exciting bush barbecues, surprise drinks stops in-room dining, game drive snacks, gorgeous restaurant dining and more

Food Styling
How food is served and presented is as important as what is being served. We draw on years of experience to ensure that kitchen teams to deliver consistently good and beautifully styled food. From early morning wake up through to tailored “food to go” we cover every touch point to ensure that a golden thread runs through the entire experience.

Menu and Recipe Development
Working with regionally sourced ingredients, we design menus and develop recipes that are delicious, practical to implement and easy to sustain. We work closely with your chefs to delight guests with local dishes served in traditional ways. We prepare customised recipe manuals and kitchen documentation to ensure that the chefs have the tools to use long after our time on site.

Practical Kitchen Management
We know that cooking in remote areas is challenging, so we work with the team to find solutions, supplies and menus that work. We create menus that not only offer your guests a true taste of safari but also ensure efficient use of ingredients for practical kitchen management and cost control.

Beverage is your guests personality in a cup. We design and create a beverage experience for your guests that is appropriate and sustainable for your hotel or lodge. From the perfect cup of coffee through to international wine lists, we source the best available to create a world-class offering. We design classic cocktail lists, wine lists, in-room bar content, speciality tea menus, craft coffees and of course, the perfect sundowner.