African Bush Camps - Thorntree River Lodge - Zambia


It was our intent for the guests to make their rooms their universe and never have to leave.


Our brief was to create a new Zambezi river experience for the African Bush Camp guests that celebrated the river but was true to the African Bush Camp Brand of natural, unpretentious hospitality. Our brief included; creating dining concepts and training the staff for the opening.


The river itself was a huge source of inspiration, and we let it dictate the moody blue palette. We also wanted to layer interesting textures, Zambian artefacts, bespoke and vintage furniture to give the guests the ultimate feeling of being at home. Winters are very cold, and summers are sweltering so we had to design accordingly, so the rooms can open up entirely but can also become a cocoon-like space in the colder months.


Classic river cabins presented in a new way inspired by the old explorer boats plying African rivers and lakes with rooms that become a space for guests that they never need to leave.