A brand is a sum of all of the experiences of a product, company, service or person. It is the soul that informs every touchpoint.

As a Brand Strategist, I work closely with our clients and our team to create the essence of the brand. From this starting point, I then collaborate with the best creative agencies to develop an appropriate identity that is in keeping with the brand’s authenticity and roll it out across multiple touchpoints – CI, websites, digital and printed communications, social media, PR, marketing, etc.

I believe that by defining and understanding one’s brand, the entire process of a decision-filled journey is seamless, uninterrupted and assures that everything that the brand or business does is motivated by what it stands for.

My specialities include Brand Strategy, Brand Development, Brand Management, Business Development, Social Media Strategy, PR Strategy, Digital & Website Strategy, Intellectual Property Strategy, Publishing, and Project Management.

As a global nomad, I have worked on three continents and have had the honour of working with many companies and individuals including Jamie Oliver, Natasha Sideris, tashas, David Higgs, JOINCIRCLES, Lewis Pugh, Stella McCartney, Joe Boxer, Razorfish and others.