It always seems impossible until it is done.
— Nelson Mandela

As the Logistics and Site coordinator for all our interior installations, I am used to working in remote locations, with unfamiliar languages and cultures, on rugged terrain in harsh climates with unskilled teams. Over the years I have managed sites in Zimbabwe and South Africa. On the rare occasion, when I am in the office, I also love cooking a delicious meal for the team!

Every installation seems like an incredible accomplishment. The obstacles we are faced with can be extraordinary. It’s about working hard and being flexible enough to respond to the unique challenges of installing beautiful interiors in the most remote locations.

I am incredibly focused when it comes to getting a job done, I never shy away from a tough task, I put my head down and get it done.

Before working at Fox Browne Creative in my current role, I managed Debra and Chris’s personal affairs and travelled to many different countries with them. I travelled and worked in the United States for two years. I have also spent time volunteering in orphanages in Bangalore, India.

My many years of experience with Debra and Chris have been an incredible journey. I have learnt on the job and totally believe in doing things the “Fox Browne” way.