For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned.
— Benjamin Franklin

As an Interior Architect at Fox Browne Creative, I have worked on several lodges and private bush homes/villas from conception to completion, all in beautiful remote locations. From Sirai Beach in Kilifi, a resort in Mozambique Kenya, the Sabi Sands to the Namibian Desert, I strive for excellence and precision in all aspects of design and enjoy seeing all the different facets of the amazing projects come to life in their context.

Holistic design from the very beginning is important to form authenticity in its context, this is where the magic of our work lies.

I am a minimalist at heart, finding simple and natural forms to create spaces that are interesting is something that comes naturally when designing and in life. I find satisfaction in constant learning at Fox Browne Creative and being part of an innovative, energetic team.

Travelling and attending the leading design shows around the world are passions that develop my love for all aspects of the design world – interiors design, graphic design, product design, architectural design and landscaping.

When not creating kick-ass client presentations, designing interesting spaces, and being super organised, I consider myself a professional tea-maker.