Looking back, moving forward…

I often find myself in the position of a mentor - without applying for the job! I am constantly urging the New Blood to research designs from the past, but also explore new ideas and designs. Retro revival is fine, to copy is not. New ideas excite and takes us forward and beyond.

I am head of the Fox Browne Creative fan club and have worked with them on a variety of projects over the years.

My inspiration comes from my passion for design, my travels around the world and the many new ventures that I have had the opportunity to work on.

Born and bred in the “Mielie Triangle”, I spent weekends and holidays on Shaw’s which is now Sabi Sabi. After studying at Stellenbosch University, I moved from directing school plays in the “Vaal Triangle” to joining the team that launched SABC TV. I moved on to a role as fashion editor for Huisgenoot’s In die kol and You Spot On. Then on to the launch of Red Magazine and Huis-Huis television programmes. My career has been a string of firsts.

I was on the founding team of House & Leisure and have been with VISI, now as the Deputy Editor, since January 2000. I have had the honour of working on a number of books including South, South African Style in Décor with Karen Roos and and with Dook on Safari Style South Africa.